Main ScienceIDENTITY


as potential identification method, Identity Video is a concept of Main Science


Identity Video Website Statement & Identity Video of RML

1. dimension&format: 320 <= width in pixels <=1920; 240 <= height in pixels <= 1080

recommended: 640 pixels in width, 480 pixels in height, MP4 or GP3 format

2. portrait face: entire head with ears above neck, refer to ID card or Passport photo

3. voice of yourself: clear without loud noise, continuous silence < 20% of total length

4. logo or subtitle: not necessary, if added, they should not cover any portrait portion

5. file size and playback time limit:  smaller than 64MB, shorter than 8 minutes

to join Identity Video project, please make & save your Entry Video in 3rd-party website
and send email to: or submit message to RML in PAGE